12th International Newborn brain Conference/ Newborn brain Society Combined Webinars


Pre-clinical models of neonatal brain injury

Moderators: Geraldine Boylan and Mohamed El-Dib

  • Heart rate variability to assess hypoxia-ischaemia in near-term fetal sheep: Alistair Gunn, NZ
  • Azithromycin as an adjunct therapy for neonatal neuroprotection. John Barks, USA


Clinical management during therapeutic hypothermia

Moderator: John Barks:

  • Respiratory management of infants during therapeutic hypothermia: Mohamed El-Dib, USA,
  • Assessment of Hemodynamics and Treatment of Circulatory Disturbances in HIE Neonates during and after cooling: Afif El-Khuffash, Ireland,


Mild HIE

Moderator: Deirdre Murray

  • Mild hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy and long term neurodevelopmental outcome- Brian Walsh, Ireland,
  • Novel Biomarkers To Stratify HIE Spectrum: A Dive Below the Tip of the Iceberg- Lina Chalak



Update on Neonatal seizures-I

Moderator: Lena Hellstrom- Westas

  • Acute and chronic effects of neonatal seizures: Robert Clancy, USA
  • Neonatal seizure detection: Geraldine Boylan, Ireland



Update on Neonatal seizures- II

Moderator: Robert White:

  • Neonatal Seizure Management: What do the Data Show? Janet Soul, USA
  • Lessons from the Neonatal Seizure Registry: Hannah Glass, USA




Moderator: Khorshid Mohammad:

  • Is it time for MRS to enter clinical practice? Sudhin S Thayyil,
  • MRI, growth and IGF1- Manon Benders, Netherlands



Moderator: Gabriel Variane:

Newborn brain injury: the global perspective

  • Every Newborn’s Brain: global burden spotlighting opportunities for action & research: Joy Lawn, UK
  • Introducing neonatal brain care in a low income setting: Cally Tann,


Moderator: Betsy Pilon:

Parents and Neonatal Brain Care

  • Family Centered Care in the NeuroNICU- Monica Lemmon
  • Parent, child and public involvement in child health research: Eleanor Molloy




Moderator: Mohamed El-Dib

  • MRI in the term neonate and long term follow up: Linda de Vries
  • MRI in the preterm neonate and long term follow up: Terrie Inder




Moderator: Linda de Vries:

  • The impact of socioeconomic status on outcome after preterm birth- James Boardman, UK.
  • Outcome following preterm birth 25 years on: Neil Marlow, UK


Moderator: Geraldine Boylan

Digital Diagnostics for the Developing Brain

  • Machine learning for neonatal brain monitoring: Sabine van Huffel, Belgium
  • Sleep as a biomarker of brain integrity in neonates and can automated analysis help?: Renee Shelhaas, USA
  • Machine learning to aid clinical decision making in perinatal asphyxia: Deirdre Murray, Ireland


Cerebral autoregulation

Moderator: Frank Van Bel

  • Update on NIRS monitoring for preterm management (SAFEBOOSC III): Gorm Greisen, Denmark
  • Blood pressure and the newborn brain: Eugene Dempsey, Ireland
  • Optical imaging for the newborn brain: Topun Austin, UK



Neonatal Encephalopathy

Moderator: Alistair Gunn:

  • The conundrum of neonatal encephalopathy and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy: are we closer to a consensus guideline? Pierre Gressens,
  • Optimisation of Hypothermia for neonatal encephalopathy: Marianne Thoresen, Norway